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I stumbled on Fly Tying Archive during a lunch break at my desk tracking down streamer fly patterns and materials to tie for this year’s Winnipesaukee Derby.
While searching for more information on the Black Ghost pattern, I was immediately drawn to the color and quality of this photograph:
Photo by:
Photo by:
One of those moments when you can’t click through fast enough. I landed on FlyTyingArchive’s Tumblr page, which I spent the next 20 minutes clicking through. This is a website you definitely need to set aside a little time to stare at.
The quality of flies by Timo Kontio are only rivaled by his photography skills in capturing them. And his photographs don’t just stop at flies, his flyfishing photography work is nothing short of breaktaking vivid and emotional. It makes my jealousy bones ache with envy as a photographer.
I’m going to let you see for yourself and check out his work. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with his skills.