Smith Frontman Chromapop Sunglasses Review

The Smith Frontman ChromaPop shades effing rock. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade. That’s about 24 years of experience. So I can say for certain that I know a good pair of lenses when I see (through) them. I finally started wearing contacts this year after taking a glancing check to the face this past winter playing pond hockey and breaking an arm off my Burberry Rx eyeglasses.

Ironically, I’ve got multiple pairs of Rx sunglasses (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Revo) but zero non-Rx sunglasses. And since non-Rx sunglasses don’t cost $300+ like prescription lenses do, I was pumped to get a decent pair of sunglasses right from the manufacturer.

Smith Optics Frontman ChromaPop-3

The Smith Frontman Chromapops are a pair of shades I couldn’t even dream of getting with my strong prescription, which precludes me from getting anything remotely resembling a wrap style lens. While I can still get polarized and coated lens, they just aren’t the same as the non-Rx lenses.

Smith Optics Frontman ChromaPop-4

I jumped on the Smith Frontman’s because they are truly a full coverage frame and they are backed by Smith’s lifetime guarantee. Oh, and of course the amazing ChromaPop lens.

While the ChromaPop lens brand has a pretty cheesy name, they do exactly what they say. With the bronze mirror style i chose, the lenses have a yellow tint and super bright vivid colors. Greens, blues, and reds are on a different level than with standard lenses and vision. As a part time photographer, its the equivalent of the cranking up the Saturation in post editing.

SMITH ChromaPop Lens Technology from smith optics on Vimeo.

Normally, sunglasses tend to dull all the colors with a grey/black shade, or just tint everything depending on their color. While the  Bronze Mirrors do have a yellow tint and block harsh sunlight, everything seems somehow brighter. It’s really something you’ve got to see to believe. To top that off, they’ve got a top grade oleophobic and hydrophobic treatment, along with a truly anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lenses.

Smith Optics Frontman ChromaPop-5

Since there isn’t much I can explain about these lenses that will replace just trying them on for yourself,  I really wanted to use this article to show you guys more pictures of the frame, the appearance of the bronze mirror finish, and use my photography knowledge to give you an accurate side-by-side comparison of the visual changes looking through the ChromaPop lenses.

Smith Optics Frontman ChromaPop-6 Smith Optics Frontman ChromaPop-7