Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe IWB Holster Review


What drew me to the Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe at first was the mere fact that it was one of the few holsters on the market that would fit the Walther P99c I was trying to conceal. Moreover, being a lefty, it was pretty much the ONLY concealable holster that would my P99c and be a dedicated southpaw holster. So that’s what drew me at first, what kept me hooked was the comfort and quality.


The SuperTuck Deluxe has been around for a few years now. It’s not the prettiest or most tactical looking holster by any means. Companies like Blackhawk and Raven Concealment can hook you up with that Tacticool fix. What Crossbreed holsters lack in looks, they make up for in comfort and functionality (call it Ugly Girl syndrome?). A dinner plate sized piece of leather with some kydex and steel clips mounted on it. That’s it. It’s the PB&J of in the waist band holsters. But, just like the PB&J, its hard to think of something that works better.

Initial Impressions

The holster took a few weeks to come in the mail. This is what happens when each one is hand-made by one of 7 craftsmen right here in the USA. The quality shows in the workmanship, which I was immediately impressed with right out of the box. The package came with a Crossbreed business card, info sheet on adjusting the kydex sheathing, and also a pamphlet about Crossbreed’s lifetime warranty. Most people rag on this holster for being downright ugly. Honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad. The small touches like the formed logo crosses on the belt clips and the embossed logo on the top of the leather help polish the turd, if you catch my drift.


The build quality of the holster is very good, even though it’s pretty simple. The spring steel belt clips feel strong and should provide good tension for a long time (I heard there was an issue with them losing tension before a design change). The kydex sheath is much thicker than from what I’ve seen in other kydex gear, like some knife sheathes. It feels solid with some flex (ridgiflex!). The kydex is very well molded, so much so that I can see the Walther P99 logo embossed on the interior of the kydex!

When ordering, I opted for a 45 degree forward “FBI” cant and for the upgraded horse hide leather that comes in the natural color. I thought this would blend into my Indian perm-tan, but its unfortunately much lighter than my stock skin tone. Either way, the leather is of top quality and has a nice supple feel. The reverse side is obviously not smooth, but has a rough stippled surface (normal for leather). I like the feel of this against my skin as opposed to hard, cold plastic.

I also considered opting for the “combat cut” which cuts away some of the leather around the grip, for a lower profile and smoother draw action. However, the mere fact that I’m paying more for less leather, and it’s a permanent solution to a problem I don’t have yet (problem: excess leather interfering with draw) I decided against it. Crossbreed themselves recommend not getting it if you’re unsure, since you can always do it later.

Fit and Comfort

Anyone who owns a Cross Breed knows its probably one of the most comfortable IWB holsters out there. What many people don’t realize before buying an IWB holster is that if you wear fitted jeans like I do, you will run into some incompatibility with your pants. Why? Because you’re now including the width of your handgun plus about a quarter inch in holster material. If you’re exactly at your waist size, its going to be tight. This means you’ll either need to buy a few new pairs of jeans, or wear your jeans higher at your “true waist” and not your hips.

Other than that initial fit issue, the holster pretty much disappears on your waist line. You will literally sometimes forget your wearing it aside from the weight of the gun on your belt (remember to buy a quality belt).

In The Field

Something to note with an IWB is that you won’t necessarily be able to wear it at the 3’0’clock position on your hip like you would on a belt holster. Because the holster needs to conform to your waist and pelvis, it can’t wrap around the edge of your pelvic bone (unless you’re trying to concealed carry a rubber gun..). It also prints excessively at this position as you have the butt of your gun easily poking out the back of your shirt. You will have to play around with exactly where you want to carry it. I carry mine at about the 8’0’clock position (remember, I’m lefty) and this sends the gun butt almost across my back, where it hides well.

Always remember with a concealed carry holster to train with it at the range! This is how you’ll be carrying it when you want to deploy it in a life and death situation, be sure you’ve got the muscle memory in place to confidently draw from this position.


I noticed when I first test fitted my gun in this holster that it didn’t hold securely when I was holding it. I almost thought I got a defective holster. What i didn’t realize, and I’m glad I did before I called Crossbreed up, was that when you have the holster mounted inside your belt and holster the gun, it holds perfectly. This is because the extra tension created by wearing the holster from your belt, your pant waistband and by bending to conform to your body creates the extra amount of tension necessary to lock the gun into place. Try this out before you bust out your heat gun or call up Crossbreed to have it fixed. You’ll be surprised how much the tension changes.

The conformity of the leather also changes the more I wear it. It has more or less adopted the curvature of my waist from wearing it, so much so that it holds its shape now even when unholstered. I like this, it’s like a good pair of boots. The leather facing itself is showing some wear from my barrel. You can see it in the photo below.

It’s not really a flaw or complaint but just something I noticed. A flaw that I did notice, was on the back of the leather, there is some six digit number written in pen ink on it. Maybe this is the 31,346th holster made? Maybe it’s part of someone’s phone number? Who knows, but it’s a bit distracting and takes away from an otherwise immaculate build quality.

Lastly, I read that there was an issue with Crossbreed’s belt clips bending out over time and loosing tension. I think they’ve addressed this issue and started using a stronger spring steel. My clips have yet to budge from their initial conformation.

Lasting Impressions

I’m very satisfied with this holster and recommend it to all my friends looking for a concealed carry holster. I know Crossbreed has increased their lineup of handguns they can mold kydex for, and the mere fact that they have a Walther P99 pattern means they can pretty much do it all. Yes, its steeper than an Uncle Mike’s, but worth the price for comfort in my opinion. Try it out!

Tight groups!

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  • I really like my crossbreed holster. I just ordered my second one (i went with the combat cut option this time for a faster draw and a more natural grab) and this company is one of the only ones that make a holster that accommodates the crimson trace on my glock 36. Great product and i plan on buying one of their holsters for each gun i carry.

    • DT –
      Thanks for sharing! Crossbreed is definitely a company that accommodates for a wide variety (if not THE widest variety) of handguns and Crimson Trace attachments. My next handgun will likely be a S&W M&P and I’m definitely getting another Crossbreed for that too. It may be an OWB Snapslide because I don’t plan on carrying concealed with that. Let us know how the Combat Cut works out for you! Thanks!

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