[Review] CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe Holster Followup

For over 3 years I’ve been concealed carrying with my CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe Holster. I wrote my first review on the holster back in 2011, which you can find on this blog here. Since it still seems to be selling like hotcakes on CrossBreed’s website, I figured I’d re-review it to show you how it’s held up.

First and foremost, while this holster is definitely expertly made and highly durable, it’s not exactly the sexiest when it comes to looks. Yes, the kydex is nicely molded and the little embossed crosses on the belt clips add some flair. But this is far from the sleek sexiness of a Raven Concealment holster. However, it’s not always about looks.

No, its definitely not about looks since we’re talking about an IWB (inside the waist band) holster here. If you’re wearing a concealed firearm, especially IWB, you care about two things:

A low profile and high comfort.

This holster nails both of those. More like pile drives both of those things.

In terms of low profile, the way this rides inside your waist band is excellent. I’ve been able to carry behind my back with a t-shirt on with just the smallest bit of printing. Generally, I carry my Walther P99C AS at about the 7 o’clock position since I shoot handguns lefty and have a very small waist. If I had a larger belt size, I would prefer to wear it at the 9 or 8 o’clock positions for ease of access. The reach around requires a bit of extra shoulder mobility for me.

Luckily, I chose to have this holster made with the “canted” option back when they offered it. I think they all know come canted forward as default, probably because it’s popular and it works. With the forward cant, I can holster and re-holster easily.

Now, when it comes to comfort, this holster makes your gun disappear. Well, as much as a holster can make you forget about the ordinance you might carrying.  That big, obtrusive patch of leather, while it make look like a giant bandaid, does two things:

1.) It spreads out the impinging force of the handgun behind pinched between you and your waist belt

2.) It prevents cold steel from touching your skin.

When it comes to things that pressure points, the bigger and wider an area you can spread out that stress, the more comfortable it will feel on the body. The leather backing of my SuperTuck has held up superbly over the last 4 years. It’s still surprisingly rigid, even after taking a “set” from being worn. The natural leather backside, the one in contact with skin, doesn’t stick offensively, fortunately. It can begin to smell, depending on if you get it wet and continue to wear it (like having to change a tire in the rain). It’s that smell akin to wearing a leather watch band for too long. I’ve just let it air out a bit or brushed it with some all-natural leather cleaner.

The kydex has gotten scratched up a bit, but that’s what kydex will do. The clips have lost some their snap, but can be bent back into place.

All in all, it’s a testament to how well the CrossBreed Super Tuck Deluxe works for having survived through the last half decade of tactical gun craziness. This holster is like my pair of Red Wing boots, just getting better with age and care. I’m still a fan of the sexier holsters out there and really want to pickup a new Raven Concealment Eiodolon. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop wearing or recommending this puppy as a practical and durable piece of carry gear.

Read more about CrossBreed’s story and their holsters at their official website here.

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