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PrimaLoft Down Blend Gold

PrimaLoft, the leader in synthetic insulations, announced last year that it’s begun creating a goose down-synthetic hybrid insulation. This seems to be the current trend in insulation, as recent years has seen a spike in the price of natural down feathers. Among many things, the mass culling of millions of birds due to H1N1 and avian flu scares, along with a consumer shift causing the agro biz to refocus on red meats rather than poultry, natural down is harder, and pricier, to come by. Nonetheless, the outdoor tribe still heavily weight down over synthetic for its warmth, compressibility, and durability.

Engineers at PrimaLoft might be wizards, and they might have the Elder Wand.

To assuage the hungry masses of gear hounds, the natural thing would be to provide natural down and stretch it farther with the cheaper synthetic insulation. It’s like tricking your dog to take his medicine by shoving it in a treat.

Okay, its not that extreme. I happen to love synthetic insulation, because most of the time, down is way out of my price range.

PrimaLoft has figured out the magic recipe to mixing these two water and oils of the outdoor industry. Synthetic high denier, short staple fibers with treated high fill power goose down.

PrimaLoft Gold is cited as the world’s first of its kind, a permanent water-repellent treated goose down fused with a synthetic microfiber matrix. It offers the warmth of  750 fill-power down, now with water repellency, but with the warm-when-weight properties of synthetic in a 70%-30% ratio of down to synthetic fiber. Its claimed to dry 4 times faster than untreated down, to boot.

They also offer the PrimaLoft Silver variation in a more affordable 60%-40% mix.  Not only being cheaper, PrimaLoft Silver is generally offered in apparel requiring more breathability, especially with the PrimaLoft Silver synthetic line.

From photos of the material, it synthetic fibers are indiscernible form the premium goose down.

Many major brands have already committed to PrimaLoft Performance Down Blends for 2015 products, including Black Diamond, Patagonia, adidas, Under Armor, and Sherpa.

Here are a few products already available at

Black Diamond Men’s Convergent Down Hoody

Black Diamond Men’s Cold Forge Hoody

Adidas Mens’ Terrex Swift Climashield Frost Jacket


So be on the lookout for more products. This is quite possibly a game changer.