[Guide] New England Striper Fishing Information

I’m keeping this article as a running list of striper (striped bass) fishing locations around New England and handy tips. I’m new to saltwater fly fishing, so I’m scouring the internet for tips and techniques, along with potential locations. So some of these will be tips I’ve learned from friends and the guys at Stone River Outfitters, and also from trolling forum posts or blog articles (links included).

Striper Gear and Set Up

  • Hands down, most people recommend a fast action 9 foot 9 weight rod (commonly referred to a “909”) as an all purpose saltwater single handed fly rod.
  • Check out this great introduction from OnTheWater.com

Striper Line & Leader

  • No floating lines. Intermediate sinking line or fast sinking. Fast sinking is generally preferred if you can do a good job of keeping the line moving. With a fast sink line, you can control the depth of your fly in the water by varying your retrieve speed (when you start stripping and the rhythm)
  • Nate from SRO gave me a useful trick for making my own 7 foot leaders for stripers.
    • Using 40 lb Maxima Premium monofilament line, draw about about an arm-to-arm length.
    • Tie a perfection loop on one end and use that for a loop-to-loop connection at the end of my fly line.
    • Using 15-20lb test fluorocarbon line, draw out about a chest-to-hand length.
    • Connect this to the 40lb test mono with a blood knot.
  • Some recommend using a shorter length of leader when fishing a fast sinking fly line so that the fly and fly line remain at the same level in the water.

Striper Fishing Locations

  • Generally, fishing the outgoing tide along tributaries and rivers which flood is best done by attacking “shadow banks”. These are eastern faced banks in the morning, and western faced banks in the evening. Stripers use these banks as cover for ambushing baitfish getting pulled out.
  • Look for seams in the current where larger fish can settle
  • Get the Navionics Boating App! It’s not just for boating, I use it for scouting potential fishing spots as it has a detailed nautical maps with very price depth charts of most bays, harbors, and shorelines.

A great resource with a few tips and locations for theLamprey River, Squamscott River, Piscataqua River/Great Bay areas can be found in this article.  As well as this article.

Here’s a good website with general information on the Lamprey River 

A nice, frequently updated blog is OnTheWater.com’s fishing report section for New England states.

Massachuesetts / New Hampshire+Maine

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